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                Project Picture

                ECOSA?-From H2S/SO2?to H2SO4 A wet basis sulphuric acid process

                ECOSA® is a sulfur recovery technique aiming at producing H2SO4, by treating H2S sour gas, producing H2SO4 and plenty of steam byproduct. This process was granted many national invention patents, which makes it with full patents coverage. So far, there have been over 29 reference units in China. This process provides new choices for customers. After treatment by ECOSA process, the tail gas can meet the most rigorous emission standard.

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                Technical principle Process features Process route Project achievement

                Keyon ECOSA® is a H2S to H2SO4 process on wet basis for sulfur recovery, with 14 authorized patents and more than 29 reference units. ECOSA can treat H2S containing sour gas or sulfur containing compound discharged from coal chemical plant, oil refinery plant and metallurgical plant etc. ECOSA unit produces sulfuric acid and ensures tail gas meet emission standard. In the meantime, ECOSA unit generates a large amount of steam as by-product.

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                Address:8 F, Lane2, No406, Guilin Road, Xuhui, District, Shanghai, P.R.China 021-50120846