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                CN EN

                Keyon Process was awarded the honorable title of “2018-2019 Dedicated Small and Medium Sized New Technology Company ”

                Release date:2018-03-30 Hits:

                The title of ” Dedicated Small and Medium Sized New Technology Company” is an honor awarded to a developing enterprise that has new and specialized fine technology in a certain area. Under the backdrop of China’s supply-side reform and New Normal Economy, Keyon Process plays a leadership role in the area of sulfuric acid process on wet basis by proactively following the “Dedicated New Technology” development path and upholding the spirit of craftsmanship, as well as replying on new technology and new product to improve its overall competiveness in the market.

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                Address:8 F, Lane2, No406, Guilin Road, Xuhui, District, Shanghai, P.R.China 021-50120846